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Call Center & Tech Support

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Establishing, Operating and Controlling Your Company’s Low-Cost Call Center or Tech Support Operation in Mexico is Easier Than You Think!

Vangtel’s Shelter Program is Your Turnkey Solution

The US Hispanic Market:


The market share for Spanish speaking consumers in the U.S. is increasing dramatically each year and many companies are at a loss as how best to market to this growing demographic.

If you are one of the growing number of companies who are beginning to include Hispanic consumers as part of your targeted marketing mix, Vangtel has the best, cost effective, solution for an outreach campaign.

At Vangtel our agent's bi-lingual skills are excellent and possess a cultural affinity with both the Spanish and English speaking U.S. market segments. If you are considering ramping up your Hispanic marketing programming, Vangtel can provide an excellent opportunity to test your marketing efforts. An additional value  includes the ability to staff Hispanic marketing programs with highly qualified agents who know how to achieve your production goals. We are experts at providing shelter services to the contact center industry. Call Vangtel today to find out how we can help you achieve your Hispanic market outreach.



Has your firm considered operating in a low-cost environment, but has been hesitant to outsource control, technology and information to an unrelated third-party?

Vangtel’s Shelter Program is a turnkey solution that enables companies to establish their own operations in Mexico and to retain complete control over the quality of their customer service, collections and support contact center activities, as well as to keep proprietary information and technologies in their own hands .

Under Vangtel’s Shelter Program, we provide all the administrative, legal and physical infrastructure so that you can focus on your business success. Shelter Program services include: pre-screening and presentation of candidates based on client specifications, administration of human resources and benefits, facilities management, procurement, and the execution of all tax and labor law compliance issues mandated by Mexican law. Vangtel will partner with you to get you operational faster and with far less risk. The company’s team of Mexico experts can advise your company how to keep costs down and operations running optimally.

The Hermosillo and Sonora region are known for high college attendance and a substantial graduate population. Agents are highly motivated and demonstrate a solid work ethic. Vangtel provides a world-class work environment and excellent benefits. This increases job satisfaction and employee retention. With Vangtel’s turnkey Nearshore solution its possible to be operational in Mexico in as little as six weeks.


Vangtel’s Workforce and HR Management

Vangtel has developed professional relationships and networks to ensure our clients have the best selection of qualified candidates possible. Our expertise in Human Resources allows us to present and then manage your workforce for your success!

Vangtel's Location: Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico

Hermosillo is the capital of the State of Sonora Mexico and is a short one hour flight south of Phoenix, Arizona. Vangtel has two locations in Hermosillo and one in Ciudad Obregon, with an additonal location at Monterrey Tech (Hermosillo) for IT development. 

Current Jobs @ Vangtel:

Vangtel is always seeking skilled bi-lingual candidates for our clients in Call Center, IT, or Back Office Operations. Please visit our career portal, bolsa de trabajo to discover all of the current opportunities available at Vangtel!